You will not only be traveling in Ethiopia with us, but you will also experience the deep & varied lifestyles of the Ethiopian people with our friendly and well trained staff. We’ve worked with the remarkable, Lonely Planet Travel Writers and got a vast experience as well as unique capability in the tourism sector.Therefore, let us be your host and trust us with the planning of your dream holidays in the Land of smile.

Tour Packages

An extensive list of tour programs and hotels all over Ethiopia, An experienced team to assist and accommodate your travel needs the best we can, A one-stop-service for easy travel arrangements. In addition our company is building the most world class luxury Resort for our travelers  and an extensive  forest coffee  plantation  in the great jungle of the west of the country.

09 Days, Dankali Depression

Code: MDD-09

07 Days North by Air

Code: MNA-07

05 Days East

Code: ME-05

07 Days Trekking Simien Mountains

Code: MSNP-07


The natural beauty of Ethiopia amazes the first-time visitor. Ethiopia is a land of rugged mountains ( some 25 are over 4000 meters high) broad Savannah, lakes and rivers. The unique Rift valley is a remarkable region of volcanic lakes, with their famous collections of birdlife, great escarpments and stunning vistas. Tisisat, the blue Nile falls, must rank as one of the greatest natural spectacles in Africa today.
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